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Internship at Mag Interactive

Role: Technical Designer

Working at Mag

(Since what I worked on has yet to be released, I will mostly talk about my experience working at Mag without talking specifics.)

At Mag I worked in a small team of developers and artists making mobile games with Unity. I partook in meetings where we discussed the direction of our project. In these meetings I took an active role talking and discussing. My team listened to me and took what I said with serious consideration.

I also participated in scrum meetings, estimating workloads for the coming sprint. I discussed what features could be completed and which ones needed to be changed or delayed, based on the rest of the team’s schedule.

Working with Unity

Within my team we were 3 developers/programmers working in Unity. At the start, as the most junior member, I was given simpler tasks to work with. But as I gained more experience and confidence, I took on larger features, some of which were very important core functionality to the project.

Most of my tasks involved creating gameplay systems in Unity with C#. But there was also different tasks I completed involving other parts of the Unity engine. Tasks such as writing shaders, setting up UI elements correctly, making animations and writing editor tools.

Having made several games previously in Unity I felt very comfortable with my work. And now after having worked with other professional developers I feel confident with my Unity and programming skills.

Working with Mobile

Mag is a casual mobile games company. As such, I worked in Unity with Android and iOS as the target platform.

There are many things that changes when developing games for mobile. When creating features I always had to keep in mind the User Experience and make it intuitive. I worked closely with the UI/UX artists to make everything feel smooth and easy to use.

I was also involved in improving the mobile performance. That entails using Unity’s performance tools to find places to improve. I rewrote several scripts to improve loading/unloading, rendering and other performance drains.

While working with mobile was different at first. Once I got comfortable, it didn’t feel much different than working on other types of games. I feel the experience I gained here will help me not only on mobile games, but in every single game I work on henceforth.